The Editorium

Welcome to the Editorium. I shall be locked her from now until Oneiromancer is transformed into a beautiful nightmare, slaving beneath hellish lights and the whip-hand of dark dominatrices. Please – allow me to show you around…

Editorium 1d

1. The manuscript

The sacrificial lambuscript itself: ready to be carved open, torn apart and generally disrespected. Double-sided for the saving of paper (although the printer took its customary tithe) but double-spaced text for the insertion of scribbles

2. Scene-by-scene breakdown

My own guide to what happens in each scene, to whom, why, and with a note of anything I might otherwise forget. This is my big-picture guide, the context-setter; also to be scribbled on (to the max) as I contemplate whether even a single scene is worth putting in the final novel

3. Notes

The companion document to item 2, this is simply a spreadsheet-list of all the ideas and thoughts that I had whilst first-drafting. It’s a miscellany of consequences; things to foreshadow or forget. Good ideas, bad ideas; things that occurred to me in the white-hot moment of creation and then erased from memory. A list of questions to answer or obliterate

4. Pen

It should be red. It’s not. It should be proper ink – a fountain-pen for preference. It’s just a cheap black biro. But it writes well. The ink flows and doesn’t make me swear. That’s all I need. I had to throw out two others before I found this (I’m a compulsive pen-hoarder/thief)

5. Feedback

A few scenes have already been road-tested by the legion of doom – my writing group. These are my sample pages, lovingly scribbled upon and deconstructed by my colleagues. I’ll go through them as I get to each scene in question

6. Notelets

For the making of notes. I’m not quite sure why I need these, but I have them and I’m sure they’ll come in handy at some point

7. Character list

Every named character in the novel is in these pages. Some are simply a name; others have a history, a description, and even a personality. I’m keeping the notes on hand to aid in my consistency as I have a habit of recycling minor characters; sometimes they reappear hundreds of pages apart and I can never remember how I described them previously. It also helps me track changes I’ve made through their development

8. Light

The Editorium is not the dark and dingy lair it appears here. Light is important. No point squinting to read your own indecipherables. So I have the lamp that is half-visible in this photo as well as the main room-lamp and many windows. I just took this photo on a particularly dark and dingy morning

9. Mythos

Another list of notes. This one is on the world I’ve created; a little background on how it differs from the real world; aesthetics, structure, monsters real and imagined. Like all the other print-outs, this is a working document. I want a hard copy partly for ease of use but also so I can deface and add and grow the story. Although I don’t need to know every little detail of the world I’ve built I need it all to be consistent; I have to be able to create new details that work within the existing framework. Hence this. Another place to store ideas and to build coherence

10. Coffee

Because coffee

Not pictured:

11. Comfy chair

Because backache is not a writer’s friend

12. Accommodating (and most lovely) Wife

Vital for the retention of testicles when it’s realised that not only have you ‘appropriated’ the dining table for an unspecified period, but you’ve suddenly grown enormously possessive of it and will permit no foreign object to rest upon its surface. A good support network is crucial. So is having all your organs where they belong

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