Hello. My name is Rob and I’m an alco-

No, wait, not that. I meant to say that this is my blog about writing: my experiences as an aspiring writer in a cold, cruel sea of rejection and indifference. The aims are twofold. First, this a blatant and self-serving attempt to promote myself; secondly to explore my experiences in case anybody can learn from them. I’m not sure if I’m in a position to give advice – I am, after all, unpublished – but little snippets of genuinely useful info might just slip through.

I make no promises: I might wander vaguely on and off subjects, I might reminisce about my own life in a way both myopic and self-serving. I might even rant about politics, although I have no plans to do that as I write this now.

In other words, it’ll be an adventure for us all.


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